If you are searching for the best BPA-Free electric kettle then this is the right place for you to take an idea. So grab your coffee and stick with us for a while.

The hot water is used daily for various purposes and in many ways in our routine. Those who are fond of tea, coffee, green tea, noodles, or instant soups are better aware of the importance of hot water. The traditional boiling pot takes a lot of time that’s why we need an electric kettle which is far better than the traditional one for saving a lot of time.

The electric kettle is hygienic to use because most companies use food-grade material for the structure. The electric kettles are convenient and safe for usage because most are having automatic shut off and boil-dry protection features. Both these features are highly recognizable for keeping users and the electric kettle safe from burning.

However, there are many types and brands that exist in the market who are selling electric kettle so you have to be wise while choosing the best one for yourself or your family. Your number one priority when selecting an electric kettle is to choose one which is BPA-Free. In other words, if you want to want to live a better and healthy life then go for a plastic-free electric kettle.

What is BPA?

BPA is the abbreviation of bisphenol A. It is a chemical used in industries for making plastics or resins. Since the 1960s, it has been used to make plastic bottles and containers for storing beverages and food. Some researches revealed that BPA is not good for health. When food is stored in plastic containers that have BPA, there is a chance that this chemical will mix up with food and make it unhealthy.

Why BPA is Bad for health?

Why do nutritionists have concerns regarding BPA? The reason is that it can affect the activities of the brain and unborn and young children’s prostate gland. According to other research, there is a link between high blood pressure and BPA. BPA also causes major issues like distorts the development of the fetus and young children.

Due to these health concerns, many home appliances manufacturing companies are producing BPA-free products. It’s better to buy BPA-free appliances to reduce the chance of using unhealthy or hazardous products. It’s important to see before buying that the product is BPA-free or not.

Why To Choose BPA-Free Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is a household appliance that is quite beneficial for getting warm water for several purposes. Undoubtedly, electric kettles provide warm water instantly and are safer ones as compared to stove kettles.

When buying an electric kettle, give consideration to this matter that it should not be made of cheap plastic. If you purchase a plastic-free electric kettle, it’s more than better. 

Why are we recommending using an electric kettle without plastic? The answer is; many household products are manufactured totally with plastic, or at least some parts are made of plastic. The plastic contains BPA that is vulnerable to leak out in the water or food when the water boils. Obviously, that chemical is unhealthy, so try to use the healthiest electric kettle for boiling water for your favourite beverages or other food preparation.

Recent researches also show that it can cause obesity that no one would like an unwanted chemical to do. So, by using a BPA-free electric kettle, you can enjoy hot beverages with no risk of any unhygienic chemical included.

Looking for the best BPA-free electric kettle in the market or on an e-commerce store is a kind of stressful and time-consuming process. But don’t worry about that we won’t let you with only partial information. In fact, this is our job so, here we have a well-researched list of top 8 BPA-Free electric kettles.

Our Recommendation of top 5 Best BPA-Free Electric kettles

New House Kitchen Color Changing Electric Kettle

New House Kitchen Color Changing Electric Kettle

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Have you ever seen a kettle changing its color?
If not, it means you have not seen the New House Kitchen Electric kettle. The fantastic black color of this boiling pot changes to a hot red color indicating the water is ready to use. As the water starts getting warm, the color changes to accompany it. This feature is incredible for safety measures. Many people love this unique feature, you would too, give it a chance to astonish you.

This boiling pot is far better than the conventional stove kettles in saving time. The water gets warm rapidly. And as the water boils, the New House Electric kettle without spoiling your comfort turns off automatically. It has the capacity to fill 1.7-liter water and needs 120 volts for boiling.

The transparent water level window keeps you carefree about refilling the water. The level of water is easily visible. So, fill the boiling pot when needed. Don’t bother yourself by watching again and again, is it empty?

The removable interior structure and BPA-free interior ensure the chemical-free boiling of water. So, use this boiling pot freely, your health is safe. New House Electric kettle provides cordless pouring of water. Separate it from the swivel base and take wherever you want. With one-year warranty assurance, this boiling pot is making you relax in using it.

  • Black color starts changing to red with the boiling of the water
  • Transparent water viewing window
  • Rapidly boils the water
  • 360 rotating base
  • It fills 1.7-liter water
  • Sometimes there is a bit of plastic smell in boiled water


COSORI Electric Kettle

COSORI Electric Kettle

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The crystal clear COSORI Electric kettle has a fantastic design that gives you a glimpse of fantastic boiling water. The body of this electric kettle contains borosilicate glass that gives pure boiled water. Unlike other electric kettles, there is no plastic used inside. Thus making you carefree of any contamination. Moreover, it has BPA-free plastic and the stainless steel filter at the spout that is hygienic.

You would be amazed to know that it boils the water only in 3-7 minutes. Then the auto-shut feature turns it off automatically after 30 seconds. The other exciting feature of this classy boiling pot is Boil-dry safety. When the water finishes, it will shut the electric kettle off for your ease.

It can fill up to 1.7-liter water. And during the boiling, an indicator light shows that the boiling started. And you can see the boiling water directly. The full opening mouth of this electric kettle makes the cleaning easy. You can conveniently wipe it with a cloth or wash it. With the black colored stylish handle, grip it firmly, and pour the hot water according to your needs.

If the water in your area is hard, then any stain can appear after first use. Feel relaxed, it will get normal at the next use. But it is a fantastic boiling pot with a stylish design and durable material.

  • The wide-mouth opening makes cleaning easy
  • Stainless steel filter is available at the spout
  • Instant boiling
  • Available in a stylish design
  • The stains appear at the base at times

Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle

Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle

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If you are in search of the safest electric kettle, here is the Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle just made for you. The boil-dry safety feature turns the kettle off when it finds no water inside. So, there would be no damage to the kettle ultimately.

It comes with 1.8 liters capacity to provide you with a large amount of water. This plastic-free electric kettle is sturdy and made up of high-quality material. Mueller Premium 1500W is the healthiest electric kettle made up of borosilicate glass, which helps you see what’s happening inside the kettle. It also includes stainless steel and copolyester for adding more strength to the overall built-quality of the kettle.

It has an interesting feature that is auto shut-off. This feature is so amazing because when the water fully boils, it turns the kettle off automatically within 30 seconds. That way, it proves itself to be an energy-efficient appliance.  

The handle of this electric kettle without plastic is heat-resistant; that’s why it will remain cool when boiling water and, resultantly, will not burn your hand. The handle provides you a firm grip also, that’s why the kettle won’t slip off your hands.

  • LED that indicates heating
  • Easy pouring
  • Fastest boiling
  • Boil-dry safety
  • Auto shut-off
  • Hard to wash from inside
  • The glass becomes hot when boiling


AmazonBasics Electric Kettle

AmazonBasics Electric Kettle

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People who prefer comfortably washable products are aware, separable parts are much easy to wash. So AmazonBasics is making washing of this boiling part easy. There is a detachable filter under the spout, take it out and rinse properly.

This electric kettle uses 1500 watts power to boil 1.0-liter water. The instantly boiled water is ready to use for tea, coffee, instant noodles or soup, and infant food usage. By using this boiling pot, you will regret why you were wasting your precious time using stovetop for boiling water?

The filling and serving of water are easy with its cordless design. The 30 inched power cord provides voltage for boiling water. The kettle uses a power cord for its placement and the wire gets wrapped around the cord.

BPA-free material is making the water safe to use. The concealed heating element makes the boiling fast. The boil-dry and auto shut off are features for making users carefree. The cleaning is not difficult because the kettle has a wide opening lid.

You can easily watch the water level through the water window. That’s why don’t get conscious all the time that the kettle needs refilling.

  • Handy cord wrap
  • Removable filter
  • BPA-free and auto shut off
  • Concealed heating element
  • 30-inch power cord
  • Limited warranty for one year
  • Not usable for a party or large family use


Proctor Silex Electric Hot Pot

Proctor Silex Electric Hot Pot

Enter Product Award

The Proctor Silex is available in non-stick smooth interior design, which is washable efficiently with a soap or detergent. Providing users with ease in boiling water. The smooth interior neither scour nor scrub.

You can get warm water for your tea, coffee, or other food items faster than stovetops or microwaves. The warm to boil option lets you select according to your need, so as you adjust, it starts its work to accommodate you. It has a capacity of 32 oz water. The boiled water is not only for tea or coffee, make different meals using this boiling pot.

Heat up the tomato soup and other different noodle recipes. Use it the whole day long and have fun enjoying various hot beverages and food.

This boiling pot gives you a warranty of one year. It is easy to grip this boiling pot with its classy handle. The water pours from the spout smoothly and doesn’t lead to the user’s irritation. Moreover, its outer plastic is BPA-free, a piece of good news for health-conscious people.

The water takes a short time for boiling. Within 3-4 minutes, the water is ready for use.

  • It boils water rapidly
  • Adjustable heat
  • Non-stick smooth surface to wash
  • One year warranty
  • Easy to wash
  • Low price
  • Needs unplug to shut-off
  • It has a limited water capacity

What to look when choosing BPA-Free Electric kettle

As I told you before that while choosing an electric kettle your no one priority should be BPA-Free but apart from that feature you also need to look for some other features while choosing an electric kettle. The following essential elements will give you a clear view. Thus it will be easy for you to decide.

1-Auto-shutoff and Boil-Dry Protection

Safety is the primary concern when you are looking for an electric water boiler and warmer which is BPA-Free. Most of the kettles have auto-shutoff and boil-dry protection features. The boil-dry feature turns the electric kettle off automatically when the water level is low. While auto-shutoff switches off it when water is boiled. Both factors are bringing relief to customers

2-Water capacity

The water capacity is essential to look at when you are going to buy a kettle. Because if buying an electric kettle for a bigger family with low water capacity, that will annoy you later on so, choose accordingly your need.

3-Heating time

The heating time is the critical factor for what we are giving the electric kettle much preference. So, choose the electric kettle that consumes less time in its function.

4-The material of electric kettle

The structure of the water boiler is vital for hygiene. The most electric kettles have stainless steel, plastic, or borosilicate glass structure. Stainless steel keeps the water warm for a long time and is a long-lasting material. And the glass-made boiling pots are easy to observe the inner level of water and are scrape free. The plastic ones are lighter but are breakable and short-life. The electric pots that are available in BPA-free material are the most secure ones.

5-Different temperature levels

The recent kettles are introducing the different preset levels of temperatures for different beverages. So, buying a boiling pot for a family where different people have different beverage choices, then wisely select the one you need. Because every hot beverage requires a different temperature for a superb taste.


By having a look at all above mentioned BPA-Free electric kettles and their features, now a clear picture is in front of you. You better know your needs and which electric kettle suits you and the price range that you can afford. So, get the one that will help you rather than teasing

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