stainless steel vs non stick frying pan

Stainless Steel VS Non-Stick Frying Pan – Full Comparison

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Are you fed up with your old frying pans and confused in choosing between stainless steel VS non-stick frying pans as your new pan?
Yes, it is a bit difficult to say which one is the best?
Because stainless steel and non-stick frying pan both are best at what they are doing. But there are a few different qualities that each one possesses. We will try to unfold the qualities of stainless steel and non-stick frying pans. That will clarify you in deciding the desired one to buy.

Now we are comparing below, the tremendous qualities of stainless steel VS non-stick frying pans for your better understanding.

Stainless steel frying pans

stainless steel frying pan

It is been more than 100 years, the stainless steel is ruling every field of life. Stainless steel has conquered every walk of life from healthcare to industries, different equipment to automobiles and cookware, etc.

Stainless steel fry pans are very advantageous in cooking and frying. It gives you properly cooked and fully browned fried food. And that presentable look makes you eager to eat it immediately.

Let’s have a look at some essential features of stainless steel frying pans.


The bitter reality is, cleaning of stainless steel is a bit difficult. The reason is that the food sticks at the bottom but I have a solution to make the cleaning easy. Deglaze the frying pan with some chicken stock, butter and spices. As a result, the sauce is ready for fried stuff and the pan is easy to wash now.

The good news is, stainless steel is dishwasher safe. So, those who are not fond of washing would love to use it for saving their precious time. But, over the time dishwasher would fade its glow.


Stainless steel frying pans are highly recommended for their durability. The stainless steel neither rusts nor corrode that’s why the durability is more. If you take proper care of the stainless steel frying pans, they will be lasting for years. Thus, you will once spend the money and for years, no need to change your pans.


Preheating is required for stainless steel frying pans. Before putting oil, just preheat the frying pan for 2-3 minutes. Low to medium heat is sufficient for preheating. Preheating expands the steel thus, the pores close and a smooth surface for cooking is ready. You will get awesome results of your cooking in a preheated stainless steel frying pan.

Health Concerns

The stainless steel frying pans are safer to use. The stainless steel is made of different metals like carbon, chromium and iron. A little percentage of other metals is also added. But the interesting fact is that the stainless steel layer covers them up so the food is safe from unhygienic elements.

The diet conscious people would be a bit worried about using stainless steel frying pans. Because without a sufficient amount of butter or oil, the cooking is not possible. So, they’ll suffer their dieting for having fully browned delicious fried food.


Stainless steel pans don’t actually need seasoning. But seasoning keeps the delicate food like fish and eggs protected from sticking to the pan. Otherwise, only washing is quite enough for its maintenance

The need for Temperature

The stainless steel frying pans withstand high temperatures so you can use it for high heat cooking purpose. Thus, it fries fish, steaks, chicken, and much more with proper brown color, quite appealing to eat. The stainless steel is also perfect for boiling potatoes, pasta and rice. With the evenly distributed high heat, you can make sauces in no time.

Safety Concerns

That pan becomes the most preferred that is safe to use. The stainless steel will become your favorite for its safe use in the oven. It is perfect for dishes that require an oven for final touches. Moreover, the stainless steel frying pans are designed with heatproof handles that remain cool on the stovetop.

Non-stick frying pans

non stick frying pan

The modern non-stick frying pans were invented by Roy Plunkett in 1938. A coating called Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene) PTFE is used in non-stick frying pans.
The cooking becomes so easy with the non-stick pans. Most of the non-stick frying pans are light-weighted, thus easily can be handled and placed anywhere.

Now we will check out the same above discussed features in non-stick frying pans.


The cleaning of non-stick frying pans is so easy. After cooking, simply wash it with hand. Use moderately warm water for cleaning because very hot water is not safe for your non-stick frying pans. Don’t use metal pads to clean it, otherwise, the surface will get scratched. The baking soda and soapy water can clean it in minutes.

The non-stick frying pans are not dishwasher-safe. So, for its long life, it is better to keep the non-stick away from the dishwasher.

There is a tactic to improve your frying pan’s life, oil it then dry with a cloth. This will leads to the longevity of your frying pan.


The non-stick frying pans are of two types. One is hard anodized pans that are Teflon-free. They are heavy-weighted and durable as compared to coated varieties. The hard anodized non-stick frying pans are scratch-resistant, thus they will be lasting more than other non-stick coated frying pans. When the non-stick coating wears out then its use is harmful to health. It’s better to replace the frying pan.


The non-stick frying pans don’t need preheating before putting anything. Because non-stick frying pans are made up of aluminum which heats up faster than stainless steel pans, so preheating is not required. After putting oil, preheat for a few seconds and get immediate cooking done.

Health Concerns

Non-stick frying pans are better for healthy cooking. Because you’ll have to put no oil or a very little amount of oil for cooking. Doctors recommend to use less oil for cooking, so, using non-stick is healthier in this regard. The diet-conscious people prefer non-stick frying pans over other ones.

The non-stick pans were considered unhygienic before 2013. But now it is considered safe to use. It is safe to use at low or medium temperatures. The exceeded temperature can lead to producing toxic elements in the pan. So, non-stick is safer until you use it with proper caution.


Non-stick frying pans are letting you free from the extensive care of the pan. There is no need to season the frying pans but if you want it to be lasting then a little seasoning works a lot. The seasoning will remove the uneven spots from the surface of the frying pan. Thus, your pan will be more durable and long-lasting for years.

The need for temperature

The non-stick frying pans are made to withstand low or moderate temperatures. Cook a variety of dishes like eggs, fish, pancakes, toast bread, custard, or any other delicate food. Because non-stick frying pans can bear low temperatures.

Many non-stick pans are not made for high temperatures. Don’t be cruel to your pan by exposing it to high temperatures. The normal temperature for safe and healthy food consumption is appropriate.

The non-stick frying pans can’t hold up sudden changes in temperature. Therefore, the pan should not be hot at washing with cold water. In this way, the coating can damage and its performance will not be the same on the next uses.

Safety concerns

No doubt non-stick frying pans are best for their convenient cooking. But there are a bit concerns of the material involved. Throw away the non-stick frying pan with cracks in it, it can be dangerous for health.

Don’t use non-stick frying pans for saving food. The foods with acid can damage the coating, so, for the further use of pan, take proper care of it.


By looking into all the essential aspects of stainless steel and non-stick frying pans, I have concluded. The conclusion is that, both are best at what they are made for. We can’t say that stainless steel is perfect for every use or the non-stick is the best one. It is up to your requirements and experience which one you like the most.

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