Top 5 Best Spatulas for Cast Iron Skillet 2023

best spatula for cast iron

Best Spatula for Cast Iron is one that is heat-resistant and durable enough to handle all the scraping and stirring you to need to do. It should also be easy to clean, has a comfortable handle, and are lightweight and dishwasher safe so you can quickly and easily clean up after your cooking.

When it comes to using a cast iron skillet, the most important tool you need is a good spatula. A quality spatula will not only help you stir, scrape, and flip whatever you are cooking, but it can also help you maintain the seasoning of your cast iron skillet.

Wooden Spatula With Cast Iron Skillet

We have gathered some of the best spatulas for cast iron in different price ranges. These products belong to renowned brands offering innovative features to help the users experience ultra convenience.
Without any further ado, let’s get straight into the article to see what we have gathered for you. 

Best Spatula for Cast Iron (Our Top Picks)

1) Anmarko Metal Spatula Set of 4

If you want to use a professional quality best spatula for a cast iron pan, use Anmarko Metal Spatula. You can use it in your food shop and restaurant or anywhere you work as a professional baker and chef. It is perfect to use as a fish turner, kitchen spatula, pancake turner, bench scraper, and griddle spatula. 

At a very affordable price, the package offers not only a spatula but also other beneficial accessories. You’ll get a grill spatula, cooking spatula turner, griddle scraper, 2 x squeeze bottles having a brush lid, and grill tongs. All these accessories are quite advantageous for backyard barbecues and home kitchens. 

This spatula set is constructed with durable stainless steel, which is hygienic, heavy-duty, and non-reactive. 1/25 inch thick blade can easily flip omelets, pancakes, veggies, and other grilling food. 

The ergonomically designed spatula set comes with wooden handles. If you like to hang your spatulas on the kitchen wall, it is a perfect fit for you. Because the wooden handles have holes in them for convenient hanging. Moreover, the handles are tightly attached by the stainless steel rivets. 

Don’t throw them in the dishwasher because only hand wash is recommended for this metal spatula set.

  • Made with stainless steel
  • Wooden handles with holes
  • Perfect for professional use
  • Comfortable flipping
  • Best for cast iron skillet
  • Great for BBQ Grill with Flat Top
  • It’s not dishwasher safe

2) Dexter-Russell Spatula with Walnut Handle

The Dexter-Russel pancake turner made by HIC Harold Import Co. is the right combination for your cast iron pans. You can flip the pancakes and omelets with ease. This spatula is made up of sturdy stainless steel, also suitable for other heavier cooking tasks. So, it is an ideal choice for everyday use. 

The stainless steel used in it is robust, but it is suggested not to keep a spatula in the sink for a longer duration. 

The 4 x 2.5 inches pancake turner can flip wider food easily. By using this spatula, the debris of food can conveniently be scraped off to season the cast iron skillet.

What makes it more reliable and sturdy is the walnut handle that gives full support to the spatula for accurate turning. To attach the robust handle with tang, 2 rivets are used, which let you confidently flip every time.
As the spatula is constructed with durable material, it will last for many upcoming years. So, you don’t have to replace it after a few uses. 

One downside of this best spatula for cast iron skillets is that the edges are not beveled. But the attractive feature is its round angles offering scratch-free flipping.

  • Heirloom quality construction
  • Robust walnut handle
  • Sturdy rivets are used for attaching handles
  • Perfect for efficient flipping
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Edges are sharp

3) Griddle Scraper Flat Spatula

Do you need a cast-iron spatula with accessories set? Stop searching further because Anmarko Commercial Grade Spatula Set provides useful accessories along with the main spatula.

The package includes a grill spatula and hamburger turner along with this incredible utensil. By buying this set, you’ll get more than you pay for. 

All the people who love to use durable materials will appreciate the stainless steel construction of this spatula. This heavy-duty spatula is good to use as a pancake turner, griddle spatula, fish turner, bench scraper, and a kitchen spatula.

The stainless steel is 1/25-in thick, which adds more meaning to its overall sturdiness. But that thickness of metal doesn’t create any issue in flipping the pancakes or other baking stuff. The beveled edges of this best spatula for cast iron ensure effortless functioning.  

The ergonomic and robust handle made with plastic offers firm gripping. The hole in the handle lets you comfortably store it on the kitchen wall. 

The good news about this phenomenal spatula is that it is dishwasher-safe. It means whenever you are running in short of time, let your washing companion do its duty. 

  • Made with durable stainless steel
  • Sturdy plastic handle
  • Includes useful accessories
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Commercial-grade quality
  • Some users may feel the handle is flexible

4) Stainless Steel Spatula by MANNKITCHEN

MANNKITCHEN MK21680 spatula is an ideal one to use with cast iron pans. The heavy-duty construction makes it perfect for not only home kitchens but for professional use also. Moreover, that construction ensures extreme durability. 

This one is made of stainless steel eliminating flex for completing hard scraping tasks. The sturdy stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and rust, that’s why it lasts for a longer time. 

You’ll feel no difficulty in pressing smash burgers with this incredible heavy-gauge spatula. The beveled edges make it possible to flip eggs or other delicate food conveniently. 

The single-piece hardwood handle lets you grip the spatula comfortably. Also, it is sturdier as compared to plastic ones that melt on high heat. Along with that, the wooden handle is heat-resistant, so it remains cool even when the cast iron skillet is heating up so high.

It is recommended to wash it by hand, don’t take the risk of throwing it in the dishwasher.

It is a perfect gift for any of your friends who is an ardent cook. They will love using it, and it will be a memorable gift for them ever received. 

  • Sturdy hardwood handle
  • Perfect for medium to large cast-iron skillets
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel.
  • Precision bevelled edge
  • Sharp corners are not suitable for rounded skillets

5) Triple Rivet Stainless Steel Wide Turner

If you want to buy the dishwasher-safe best spatula for cast iron skillets, then don’t go away. Sabatier Triple Rivet Wide Turner is not only an efficient product offering incredible performance in home kitchens but also brings ultra-ease in cleaning. If you don’t have much time for washing utensils, be glad, it is dishwasher-safe. 

This spatula is designed to use on the griddle and is incredibly superb for grilling and serving.

Whether you are frying something small or large, its narrow head offers easier flipping and picking of every food. 

The head and handle are both manufactured with robust and durable stainless steel. So, if you have a large family and have to cook large amounts of food mostly, it can withstand every tough situation. 

The handle is securely attached to the main body of the spatula with stainless steel rivets. These rivets add more strength to it and let it perfectly pick the bigger size patties comfortably. 

The sharp edges are beneficial for scraping off the debris of food leftover in cast iron skillets after cooking. So, you don’t have to put much effort into washing the pans as the spatula will do much of your cleaning job.

  • Stainless steel rivets
  • Robust construction
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Ensures perfect turning
  • Lacks hanging hole

Ultimate Buying Guide: Best Spatula for Cast Iron

It is really necessary to see the following features in the best spatula for cast iron if you want to get the perfect one.

1- Material

Material is the most essential element to look at when buying any product. If you need a spatula for scraping, then you should opt for hardened stainless steel. Unhardened steel is unsuitable for cast iron as it is softer than it and can’t level the surface.

Plastic is also not the right option for cast iron. The reason is that cast iron gets much hotter, and plastic can’t withstand that amount of high temperature. On the other hand, wooden spatulas are pretty fine for cooking delicate food. 

2- Shape 

The shape of the spatula is one of the other crucial key factors to focus on when buying the best spatula for cast iron. For boosting the cooking surface, square-shaped spatulas are perfect. The rounded shape spatulas don’t touch the pan properly, so avoid this shape when requiring the one for levelling the surface.

3- Handle

What if you buy a spatula made with sturdy material but its handle breaks after a few uses? The durable handle gives full support to the spatula and makes it last longer. Not only should the handle be robust, but it also ensures a comfy grip. 

Plastic handles are not suitable to use with cast iron because they may melt. Wood is the ideal material for handles because it is durable, strong, and can conveniently withstand high temperatures. 

The solid heatless plastic handles are also an option to choose from but don’t select the cheap ones.

4- Edges

It is better to use a spatula that features bevelled edges because it is the easiest way to scrape out food from a pan. It can be used as a scraper and spreader as well. Another benefit of beveled edges is that it makes flipping so easy.

In Conclusion: Best Spatula for Cast Iron

No doubt finding the best spatula for cast iron is a bit tricky and a time-taking task. That’s why we spend a lot of time researching the quality spatulas for you to use with cast iron.

We selected durable, robust, and user-friendly products. All these spatulas can withstand the rigours of demanding cooking.
The handles are made up of wood, not of cheap plastic that melts off easily. Moreover, sturdy rivets are used to make the handle fix tightly and never snap off during the cooking procedure.

Along with displaying the products, we have provided all the necessary information also. Now it’s more than easy for you to choose any of the above-mentioned products that catch your eyes. Think twice before purchasing to end up buying the right spatula. 

Which material spatula is best to use on cast iron skillets?

Stainless steel is the ideal metal used for cast iron because it is robust, lasting, and relatively lightweight. Another better option for cast iron is silicon. It is lightweight, flexible, and soft enough not to damage the pan’s surface. Don’t use plastic spatulas as they can’t bear the high temperature that cast iron skillets retain. 

Can we use a metal spatula on cast iron?

Yes, there is no harm in using the metal spatula for cast iron skillets. Cast iron is not like non-stick material that contains chemical coating, which may peel off with abrasive spatulas. If the seasoning scraps a bit due to metal utensils, no issues, seasoning can be done again easily. 

What kind of spatula should you use for cast iron?

If you are using a new or unseasoned cast iron pan, then use bamboo or silicone spatulas. But stainless steel metal utensils can easily be used for seasoned cooking utensils.

Can you use a rubber spatula on cast iron?

Rubber utensils are highly likely to melt at high temperatures since cast iron is used for high heat cooking so try to avoid them.

What kind of spatula to use on cast iron

There are many kinds of spatulas available in the market but it is better to choose metal ones for cooking with your cast iron pan because rubber or plastic spatulas can melt easily at high temperatures.

Can you use a wooden spoon on cast iron?

Wooden spoons are healthy to use with your cast iron pan but it is not durable for cooking with your heavy-duty pans. So try to avoid using them since they tend to be worn out quickly.