Pros and Cons of Induction Cooktop

Pros and Cons of Induction Cooktop

The world is evolving. Our lifestyle is changing and we are switching to modern technologies to make our life more comfortable. Modernism and comfort are what people think is important for a successful lifestyle. To bring a better change in your life, it is recommended to switch from traditional cooktops to Induction cooktops.

The induction cooktop has now gained popularity. You may be thinking of switching from a traditional stove to an induction cooktop. If you are confused about whether to buy it or not keep reading till the end.

According to some people, induction cookware is the best option. On the contrary, some people say that it is just a waste of money. This article covers all the pros and cons of induction cooktop which will help you make the right decision.

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How induction cooktop works?

The induction cooktop uses the method of induction to generate heat. An induction cooktop consists of a ceramic plate with an electromagnetic coil beneath it. When you turn on the burner the electric current runs through the coil and generates a magnetic field. This magnetic field transfers electrical energy and generates heat.

The Induction cooktop does not generate heat if there is no pot or pan placed on the burner. Also, it is mandatory to use magnetic objects on the cooktop. The magnetic object creates the electromagnetic field. The process of electromagnetic induction creates the heating effect in the object placed on the burner. The most interesting fact about the induction cooktop is that it heats the pan while keeping the burner surface cool.

Pros of Induction cooking

Induction cooking is efficient

When you place an iron or stainless steel pan on the burner an electric field induces an electric current in the pan. Iron is the poor conductor of electricity. When the small current runs through the iron much of the energy is converted to heat. Thus, on an induction cooktop, the heat does not come from the burner but the pan itself.

It is safe

The heating process of the induction cooktop does not transfer heat to the surface. It only heats the magnetic object placed on it. Also, it does not emit gas into the air which makes it very safe to work with. Induction cooktops are the safest option for those who are beginners in cooking. Moreover, induction cooktops are safe to touch right after you are done cooking.

It saves time

Induction cooking saves time. In comparison to the traditional cooktops, the induction cooktops heat the object much faster. A pot of water comes to a boil on an induction stove much faster then a traditional gas stove.

The traditional stove first heat up the surface of the stove and then the object placed on it. On the contrary, the induction cookware directly heats the pan or pot on its surface which saves time.

Gives modern look to the kitchen

If you are redesigning your kitchen and wanted to give it a modern look, the ithe induction cooktop is the best option. The flat glass surface of the induction cooktop looks attractive. It gives a modern and elegant look to your kitchen.

Temperature control

The induction cooktop provides a consistent and controlled heat supply to the pot or pan placed on the cooktop. The heat transfer suddenly stops once the burner is off. Just like the traditional stove the heat supply does not continue even if the pan is placed on the stove. So, there is a lesser chance of burning food on the induced cooktop.

Easy to install

The induction cooktops come in various sizes. It is easy to install as it is only a few inches thick. Also, you can get it installed at any height according to your choice. It is well suited to smaller-sized kitchens too. It can be fitted anywhere near the electric socket. Also, it uses lesser, electricity.

Cons of Induction cooking


The energy transfer from the electromagnetic coil to the pan causes a rattling sound. The noise can be very annoying for you. The light pots make lesser noise than the heavier ones. This is not a big issue, the noise can be reduced.


The Induction cooktop is a relatively new technology. It is more expensive than the gas stoves. You have to buy new pots and pans for cooking on induction cookware. Also, its maintenance and repair cost is relatively high which makes it an expensive option.

Compatible with specific cookware

The induction cooktops work only with magnetic pans or pots. If you are thinking of switching to induction cooktops, you may need to replace your old cookware. You can also perform a magnet test before beginning to cook on the cooktop. Bring the magnetic closer to the cooking pot, if the magnet sticks to the bottom, it is fit to be used on an induction cooktop.

Costly repair

The repair of the Induction cooktop requires specific tools and a skilled professional. As induction cooktops are not very common so, it may be difficult to find a professional repairer. Also, there is a possibility that the professional may charge a heavy repairing fee.

Cookware sizes

Before shifting to induction cookware you should consider one more fact. Both the large sizes cookware and small-sized cookware are not suitable for induction cooktops. The cooktop does not detect the pot has a base of 4-5 inches. Also, the cookware of  12-14 inches may not be suitable for cooking on an induction cooktop.


The induction cooktop can be the best option to go for. There are many advantages of Induction cooktops but it may take you some time to get used to the new technology. Also, it can be frustrating to use only specific cookware utensils.

If you are used to of gas stove which takes time to heat up, you may end up burning your food on an induction stove, as it heats up faster.

For those who face the issue of power supply, the induction cooktop may not be suitable. The cooktop will not work if you are the power supply.

The choice of shifting to induction cooktop depends on person to person. If you wanted a modern kitchen and you are looking for a safer option, the induction cooktop is best suited for you. On the contrary, you are looking for an affordable option the traditional stove better option for you.

If you are a working lady and do not have much time to cook. The induction cooktop is best suited for you, as it ensures fast cooking. Also, if your kitchen is small and does not have proper ventilation space, the induction cooktop is the best solution for you. It does not heat the kitchen. With an induction cooktop, the cooking will no longer be sweaty.

Even though there are many disadvantages of induction cooktop, it is considered a better option. At present time, the induction cooktop is the best choice.