Does wok work on an induction stove?

does wok work on induction stove

A lot of people have induction stovetops in their homes. If you’re thinking about buying a wok, but aren’t sure if it will work on your induction stovetop. A wok is a versatile cooking vessel that can be used on any stovetop, but what type of stove should you use it on? A gas, induction stove or electric stove?

If you are looking for best wok for induction Cooktop then make sure it is made of magnetic, has flat bottom.

Woks are typically made from cast iron and/or carbon steel. The best way to find out which type of wok works with an induction stovetop is to look at the bottom of the pan or read reviews from other customers who have used it on one.

Why a round base Wok doesn’t work on induction stove

round base Wok

In order for the induction cooktop to work, there must be contact between two surfaces. One surface is called an emitter and it generates magnetic energy that causes ferromagnetic materials such as metal or stainless steel pans on your stovetop to heat up. In a round-bottomed wok, there is no ferromagnetic surface for this process to take place.

There are some flat-bottomed woks that would work on an induction stove and cast iron is one of them. Cast iron has several benefits, especially if you want to cook with a wok. The material is not only sturdy but it is also able to retain heat as well as distribute it evenly across the surface of your wok.

Why do people prefer wok cooking?

cooking in wok

The reason why most families use a wok is that it is known that the food will be cooked faster.  This cooking utensil can also distribute heat evenly, thus providing delicious meals all throughout. On top of that, using a wok is healthier as well.

Since there is an even distribution of heat, the flavor is dispersed all throughout your dish. This way, every bite provides the delicious taste that makes you want to eat more.

Wok cooking also makes the vegetables more crisp and fresh.  This is because due to the quick cooking time, it will retain all of its nutrients without having to let go or rot. It can be said that wok cooking is even better than steaming. Nowadays, many people prefer using a wok for this reason.

It is healthier than cooking in other utensils.  The reason for this is because of the less amount of oil needed. This means that you can prepare a healthy dish while maintaining its full flavor without having to add more seasoning or sauce.

By using a wok, you can cook your food faster than usual which makes it taste even better. This way, you can spend more time with your family while eating delicious home cooked meals.

What type of Wok works on induction stove?

flat bottom wok

The most popular type of wok is one that has a flat bottom. This is because it will work on any stovetop surface, especially an induction cooktop. They are usually made out of stainless steel or cast iron, but they also come in other materials like copper and aluminum. The material the wok is made from is not too important as long as it heats up quickly and evenly with little to no sticking.

Is there a specific type of Wok that works well on an Induction Cooktop?

cast iron wok

Cast iron woks work best on induction stove because they are magnetic and will allow you to cook at a high temperature. The cast iron retains the heat, ensuring that the food doesn’t burn as quickly as it would in a nonstick pan. If you have a nonstick wok, it is best to use a flat-bottomed wok ring in order to create a stable cooking area on an induction stove. The ring will also stop the wok from sliding around on the stove when you are working with your food.


Wok that works well on an induction stove is the flat bottom, the round base woks don’t work. The three best options in my opinion are cast iron woks, carbon steel woks, and aluminum clad pans. Cast Iron is the most durable option but requires more care than either carbon or aluminum-coated pan. Carbon Steel provides great heat conduction so it’s perfect if you love cooking at high temperatures while Aluminum Clad Pans provide a non-stick surface without any additional seasoning required after purchase because they come pre-seasoned from the factory. With this information in mind, maybe now isn’t such a bad time to buy yourself one