9 Effective ways to Clean Burnt Stainless Steel Pan


Stainless steel is the choice of great chefs in the world. With the passage of time, people are turning to stainless steel cookware. The reason behind its popularity is it can conduct and distribute heat evenly so that food is cooked uniformly, its capability of high heat cooking, and the most important is, it is dishwasher safe. The biggest benefit of stainless steel cookware is that they are durable, strong and almost indestructible.

You can use stainless steel cookware to cook everything from eggs to meat.
There are many types of stainless steel cookware out there. You will get it at different prices, all its depend on which type and brand of stainless steel you choose.

The only problem with stainless steel is a sticking problem. Food sticks to its surface or gets burnt by mistake and misusing it which usually happens.

How to take care of stainless steel pan

One thing you need to keep in mind related to stainless steel is these are not like non-stick. With stainless steel pan, you can cook anything which you want and you know the thing which we use most, demand for extra care.

The best way of taking care of your cookware is by using the right method of cleaning and cooking with a stainless steel pan. Choose the right utensils for stainless steel cookware so they will last for many years to come.

How to clean a burnt stainless steel frying pan

You want efficiently cook meals for the family but still, there are other chores to be done.
The younger kid is crying and you have to go out of the kitchen to make him silent. You have kept your expensive stainless steel frying pan on the stove.

Now, what happened?

When you came back, you saw a completely different frypan, a burnt frypan. Now, you are worried and thinking that it would take a lot of time to clean this burnt stainless steel frying pan.

But Don’t you worry, I have a few simple and cheap home-based remedies for your convenience, by using the items that you already own in your kitchen. You’ll be done with cleaning the burnt stainless steel frying pans in no time.

Let me tell you one by one, choose the one you like the most, and find it easy to apply.

List of 9 Easy ways to clean burnt stainless steel pan

1) Clean With Baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is a very beneficial chemical compound. Baking soda is used for baking but still, it is quite useful for cleaning the burnt stainless steel frying pans.

You might be thinking about the process of using it for cleaning. Let me explain.


First of all, put it on the stovetop with at least two cups of water. Then add 2 or more tablespoons of baking soda. Turn on the stove and bring the mixture to a boil. Leave it boiling for 15 minutes. Then turn the stove off and bring the frying pan to sink. Throw the mixture, clean it with normal water, and see the miracle of this amazing compound.

2) Clean With Vinegar

Vinegar adds amazing taste to the sauces and different foods. But is used in many industries and homes for various functions. In homes, it is mostly used for cleaning purposes


For cleaning the burnt stainless steel frying pans, keep the pan on the stove. When the pan gets hot, put one cup of vinegar and leave it for a while. Then use a spatula or wooden spoon to swab the burnt bottom of the pan.

3) Clean With Lemon

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and has several health benefits like weight loss, lessening heart diseases, and numerous others.
But lemon has some spectacular effects for cleaning the burnt stainless steel frying pans.


All you have to do is, to take 2-3 lemons, water, and a wooden spatula.
Put the water and lemon juice in the burnt frying pan and keep it on the stovetop. Keep it boiling for 3-5 minutes.
Then remove the pan from the stove and let it be cool. Throw the water and clean it as you do normally.
You will love the shine of your favorite stainless steel frying pan.

4) Clean With Salt


You need warm water and 2-3 tablespoons of salt. After pouring the water, put the salt and mix it up to let it reach every corner of the pan.
Put the pan on the stovetop and boil the water for 15 minutes. Use a spatula to wipe off the burnt bottom. Then throw the water and clean it.
Mostly it works but if the pan is badly burnt then move to the next step.
Just leave a bit of water in the pan, you boiled now and add more salt in it. Use a scrub sponge to clean it thoroughly. You will be surprised by the results.

5) Clean With Cream of Tartar

Cream of tartar is an acidic powder used in recipes as a stabilizer. Moreover, it can efficiently clean the burnt stainless steel frying pans.


Place the burnt stainless steel on the stove, put an adequate amount of water and cream of tartar.
Leave it for 10 minutes on the stove then wait for it to get cool. At cooling, you can wash it. After washing you’ll wonder whether there was any burnt surface?

6) Clean With Dryer Sheet


Add water in the pan and put a few drops of dish soap. Stir the dish soap with a spoon and put the dryer sheet in it. Let the dryer sheet go down to the bottom of the pan. Soak it for a few hours then see the magic. You will easily wipe off as it was never stuck at the bottom.

7) Clean With Alka Seltzer

Alka Seltzer is better for minor headaches, stomach aches, heartburn, and indigestion. Let me tell you its miracle, it can clean the burnt stainless steel frying pans perfectly.


Put 6 tablets of Alka Seltzer and warm water in the burnt pan.
Only in an hour, its acid will have done its job.
Now clean it easily with dish soap, warm water, and a sponge rigorously to witness its shine.

8) Clean With Ketchup

Ketchup is an incredibly delicious sauce loved by almost everyone. But its another advantage is cleaning the burnt stainless steel frying pans.


Apply a layer of ketchup over the burnt stainless steel pan and sit back for 30 minutes. You have to scrub a bit and will happy for amazing results.

9) Clean With Dish Soap + Baking Soda

If you have no other special material for washing the burnt pan and can wait for some hours, your dish soap is quite perfect.
Only dish soap is enough but to get more effective results, use baking soda with soap.


Make a mixture of both the elements and paste it on the burnt areas of the pan.
Leave it for a few hours or overnight, later clean with the normal water.

Tips To Cook With Stainless Steel Pan Without Sticking

Here are some tips and techniques that help you to cook food with stainless steel pan/skillet without a burnt stainless steel pan or sticking food to its surface. In other words, you will learn how to get the best out of your stainless steel pan.

Add salt after water comes to boil

Always add salt after water comes to a boil. When you add salt to cold water and then put a stainless steel pot or pan on the stove to boil, it will damage the surface of the stainless steel pan because it forms small pockmarks on the surface of the pan.

Heat Skillet/Pan before adding oil

According to Great Chefs, adding oil to a heated stainless steel pan as compared to a cold one makes it surface non-stick so the food doesn’t stick with the surface when cooked at a higher temperature. Whenever cook food with oil, heat stainless steel pan/skillet before adding oil to it. After it becomes heated, gently add the oil. It will prevent your food from sticking to its surface.
How to know if the pan gets heated or not? Drop a small amount of water onto the surface of the stainless steel skillet, if the ball of water glides over the surface, it means the pan gets heated enough to add oil.

Preheat stainless steel pan at mid temperature

All we know that it is important to preheat stainless steel skillet/pan before cook any food but it would be worse if you preheat pan at a high temperature. Preheat over high heat can cause overheat which ultimately leads to burnt food, if not, at least it will stick food to its surface and once stainless steel skillet burnt, it will become headache for you to clean a burnt stainless steel pan.

Avoid adding Cold Food to hot pan

When you put a cold food which is just taken out of fright such as cold fish and meat into a hot pan, then stainless steel pan quickly sticks food with its surface. In order to avoid this try to keep food at a normal temperature for 10 minutes before going to put it into a pan and you can remove any excess moisture from meat or fish in order to prevent from any kind of sticking.


Stainless steel frying pans have several uses in cooking various dishes. Especially cooking those foods which demand high heat then the only option we have is stainless steel and other is stone cookware. Do buy it without any fear of long hours of washing. I have discussed different easy home remedies for cleaning burnt stainless steel frying pans. So, after reading this article, you can choose among the options that will make you relax in cleaning.

There are so many other alternatives like non-stick, cast iron and you can the difference between stainless steel and nonstick so you can make a wise decision.